Rose Point ECS

Rose Point ECS™ improves operational efficiency, situational awareness, and decision making with straightforward, uncluttered displays and controls that provide instant access to the information professional mariners and fleet operators need to navigate safely.

Rose Point ECS is the industry-leading navigation software and the number one selling navigation software for inland vessels in the United States. With Rose Point ECS you get the most comprehensive user experience and sophisticated navigation tools available all in one package.

Key Benefits

  • Improved situational awareness and overall safety of vessel operation
  • Reduced cost of operation from more efficient transit times
  • Voyage data recording that reduces legal liabilities and enhances incident review
  • Exceptional and time-tested reliability
  • An uncluttered, modern and easy-to-use interface
  • Advanced admin tools make setup and configuration the fastest in the industry
  • Less overall required training resources that significantly reduce costs of adoption
  • Expert technical support when you need it

Planning and Navigation

Rose Point ECS lets you plan an unlimited number of routes and waypoints, provides for boundary areas with speed limit alarms, and includes many other planning and drawing tools. Only Rose Point ECS lets you organize those routes and marks into voyage plan documents which are easily archived, printed, shared, and transferred between PCs.

  • Unlimited routes and waypoints
  • Boundary areas with optional speed limits
  • ETA calculator
  • Route obstacle checking
  • Voyage plan printing

When underway, Rose Point ECS provides you with the information you need with a quick glance at its clear, customizable displays and logical controls.

  • Fully customizable instrument panels and screen layouts
  • Passing point predictors indicate where you will meet other vessels in confined waterways, even around bends in a river
  • The rate of turn course predictor helps reduce over steering by indicating where the vessel will be in the future based on the current speed and rate of turn
  • A boat and its tow can be shown to scale for an accurate depiction of the vessel size and shape when zoomed in on the chart
  • The Voyage Recorder records all navigation data as well as radar, sounder, and video images for playback at a later time
  • Advanced AIS support includes closest point of approach calculations and alarms and AIS vessel track saving

+Inland Add-On

The features of +Inland are ideal for vessels operating on the inland waterways.

  • Automatic "River Route" generation
  • Mile markers instead of latitude/longitude
  • Graphical Tow Configuration editor
  • Boat and tow are shown to scale on charts
  • River stage observations and forecasts
  • Waterway ETA Calculator
  • US Waterway Mile Markers

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NEMO gateway (NMEA0182/2000)

Get Connected

The nemo gateway connects your onboard data systems to provide your PCs, tablets, and phones access to all of your marine electronics. It can also translate information between NMEA 2000 and NMEA 0183 so you can use a combination of older and newer devices rather than upgrading everything at once.

The certified NMEA 2000® network connection ensures compatibility with your newer devices while the standard NMEA 0183 connections let you keep using your older devices.

The nemo gateway works great with Rose Point ECS and Coastal Explorer, but it also works with any other app that can use NMEA 0183 data over a TCP or UDP network connection. The Ethernet interface allows multiple PCs, tablets, phones, and other networked devices to access instrument data and even control your autopilot.

Simple Configuration

On many vessels, the nemo gateway starts working right after you hook it up and does not require any configuration.

More complex systems can be configured using Rose Point ECS, Coastal Explorer, or the Nemo Gateway app for iOS and Android. Configuration options include sensor priorities, NMEA 2000 PGN output, per-port NMEA 0183 sentence output, NMEA 0183 port speeds, and more.


Rose Point Charts

Rose Pont Charts

Radar Overlay

Full-featured for the professional mariner

  • Radar overlay in any chart view
  • Compatible with common commercial radars including Furuno, JRC and Alphatron
  • Traditional radar display using Rose Point ECS’ split panels or full-screen on a secondary monitor
  • Simultaneous display of AIS for checking fidelity between the radar and AIS vessel positions
  • Optional control of radar from Rose Point ECS
  • Traditional radar tools including Variable Range Marker (VRM), Electronic Bearing Lines (EBL) and alarm zones
  • North-up, course-up and heading-up display
  • Optional recording of radar in voyage recordings

Unparalleled image quality

Unlike other products which use an analog signal, the innovative design of the Commercial Radar Interface uses an all-digital interface for data transfer that ensures the highest level of image quality.

Radar Overlay Datasheet

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